Google One Tap Registration / Sign-In


Jun 3, 2016
How many of you support Google One Tap Registration & Sign in on your community forums? The feature has been around for a little bit now, but I've been seeing more registrations process through since instead of having to provide a bunch of information, it instead is all pre-filled (and on future visits, it's 1 click to sign in vs. having to type your password and username/email address).

Google's Overview page on this function:
All of the browsers and platforms that support this;

And if you want an example of somewhere that supports this, you can check out my community (to see the feeling and process through, if you want an actual website outside of Google's Overview demo that is highly limited in scope);

Note that you must be signed into your web browser and a Google account prior, for the banner to appear - also note that no action is required outside of visiting the website, so there aren't any clicks needed/required on "Login" or "Register" like traditional oAuth methods. I think with the majority of people using these enabled browsers (sadly, iOS has no support whatsoever), it should increase the overall registration rate and possible sign in rate as the process gets reduced heavily.