Google Adsense - The Secret to using Channels

May 20, 2005
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Google Adsense - The Secret to using Channels


Like most of you know Google Adsense is a good way to monetize your vBulletin Forum to cover your costs and even earn money with it.

But simply slapping a few banners on your forum will not get the maximum amount of money out of your forum.
Who would have guessed?

You most likely know that Google Adsense offers custom channels for tracking.
But how do you use it to maximize your earnings?

The big secret is experiment with placements, colors and fonts and TRACK YOUR RESULTS!

I worked with adsense for nearly 5 years now and I am constantly improving my ads on my forum to maximize earnings.
This is only possible if you track EVERY SINGLE AD on your forum via separate Adsense Channels.

I first will explain how to use channels and after that I will explain why it is important to use them this way...
so bear with me ;)

The secret to tracking Adsense with channels

You must create a channel for each single ad you place on your site.
Tracking every ad is easy if you have "just" one website/forum.

If you have multiple websites (like I do) then an expressive naming system will help you a lot with tracking your ads.


I have 5 websites, but for this example I use 2 to make it easier.
I run and

Both websites use the same ad locations to display adsense ads.
To differentiate the Channels from the different websites my channels start with:

PatFra or EltFra

Suggestion 1: Start all your channels with a short acronym for your different websites

Now you are able to track each website with channels.

If you use multiple ad units on your website you most likely use different ad formats as well.
Like I for example use a leaderboard (728x90px) below the navbar, two large rectangles in showthread as second post and some other ad units as well.

To track the different ad formats use acronyms for each ad format.
I use:

LB = Leaderboard
LR = Large Rectangle
LU = Link Unit
B = Banner (468x60px)
and so on....

So the channel names so far look like:
PatFra - LR -
Suggestion 2: Use acronyms for the ad formats in each channel

Now you are able to track each website and each ad format with channels.

If you use multiple ad formats you most likely use...

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May 12, 2010
great combination of your knowledge and simplicity to get that under review, now i am also tracking my ad units with the different channels and feeling it's better that previous activity.


Jun 4, 2010
Thanks for great information about adsense.
You really work strong.Thanks