Github acquires Spectrum


Nov 23, 2011
Looks interesting. The single sign on feature is a great idea, kind of weird they don't let you sign up using your email address though and force you to use Google, FB, twitter, or github, I don't like that aspect.

Once you're a spectrum member it's one click join for a community, like facebook groups, but outside of facebook, nice.

There's then an easy quick post button which lets you post to any community/forum in the ecosystem that you like. Again, fantastic. It's what traditional forums should have implemented ages ago when facebook groups and sharing system took off.


Feels sort of like Discord meets facebook groups meets traditional forums.

There's a good search function for finding other communities in the ecosystem, like facebook groups.

Quite a nice clean UI.

The one thing that stands out as missing straight away though is no kind of activity feed or new posts section to consolidate new content from various communities in one feed. You have to visit each community individually.

Overall, very nice indeed. Definitely a lot of promise and built in a way to make it very easy for people to add communities, very easy for people to join the system, and the join communities within the system. Definitely built for scale and growth. Looks like one to watch.

Looks like they have a dedicated mac app too, if it's like Discord that could make it really quite nice. Not sure about a mobile app though?


Feb 25, 2013
It's kind of an interesting take on forums, although I'm not sure I like it.

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