Selling Freshly Purchased March 2019 XenForo License + UI.X Pro ($100+ plugins) 9 months left! Cheap!

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Jun 23, 2019
Looking for someone who can venmo/paypal.

My license was purchased on March of 2019 (9 months of support/update left).

I thought I could run a forum, but because of the shortage of time I have in-between work and sleep it's nearly impossible at this time.

Also, underestimated how much work it'd be. (lol)

Price: $100 USD (negotiable ; got a few offers first come first serve basis and will be ending soon if I don't get more offers)

PayPal must be verified.

$100 includes just the license and an extra $50 for the UI.X Pro Package (negotiable ; now $200 retail also March 2019 with 9 months support/updates left) google "ThemeHouse" for more information for the extra plug-ins (my loss is your gain, thought I was prepared to run a forum but I'm not)

You can also e-mail me at
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