Forum to LMS: Filling the Huge Market Gap in online education industry


Sep 6, 2012
  1. Online education is the future mode of learning
  2. 1000s of instructors creating millions of courses. You can be one too
  3. Instructors building students base in aggregated online learning sites like Udemy, Khan etc
  4. Instructors have to pay a huge % cut to these aggregators
  5. Online education is high involvement product/service just like medical service (choosing best doctors) so students prefer to follow the site wherever the instructors are.
  6. These instructors don't have much choice but to use poorly designed LMS softwares.. some Wordpress plugins which does fine for just video streaming but very very very bad community experience
    • Why? Coz, the existing LMS solutions are not revolved around a community but its just a private website with video streaming capabilities

Why Forum + LMS addon is a huge win?
  1. Forum, as they say, offers more in depth discussion. Sub matter discussion in forum is better than facebook groups discussions
  2. Forum is community
  3. Attach the LMS feature in the community and you have the winning combination to crack the next big industry
** The wise developer who cracks this first and develops the most UI/UX friendly plugin will laugh all the way to the bank

Market expansion for Forum devs: XF listening?
Win-Win for forum devs as well as LMS developer: XF will expand its market (DWINDLING market) to the newly opened industry. All emails of the 1000s of instructors are easily available online. All it takes is one email campaign telling them they can build their own LMS site with rich community experience. Even if 5% signs up, it is good sales.

Change my mind


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Apr 9, 2009
It would help if you identified what LMS was. =)


Jan 16, 2010
Honestly, a decent LMS in general would be nice to see at some point. The fact something like Moodle is seen as one of the better options should be enough of an indictment of that field on its own.

Still, integrating a forum with one seems like a decent idea too, since forums are usually handled quite poorly in this field overall.