Forum Anniversary Celebration Ideas to Boost Forum Activity


Nov 14, 2005
I like the idea of a week long event. My forum is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year. Most of our efforts have been towards off site events, such as fourwheeling in Moab, UT and other locations across the country, as well as attending the Ford Nationals in Pennsylvania.

It would be fun to try and scare up some of the old crew to participate in a celebratory thread.

Would you care to share the type of contests you held? I thought of one already. The member who comes back and posts after the longest period of inactivity.


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Aug 4, 2011
I think I even forgot our 2nd birthday haha. I never know what to do exactly that would have people involved unfortunately. I mean contests we do every month if not then ever other month. So they aren't something I wish to do and the only thing I could think of is maybe a collab stream of members but not sure how I'd work that

Shawn Gossman

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Dec 16, 2005
We ran a trivia game specific to subjects in our niche, a referral competition, photo competition and an essay competition.


Jul 19, 2009
Would you care to share the type of contests you held?
Our biggest anniversary event is an elimination contest with three rounds, one for each week of our anniversary month. The challenges involve a variety of crafting and photography skills related to our niche.

Some other ideas we've done:

• Making niche-related stuff out of a common household supply, like masking tape or tin foil.

• Photo contest based on the number of years you're celebrating – like a photo of 15 of one thing, or photograph the number 8 around your home/town.

• The [anniversary number] favourite things I love about [niche/forum]

• Naming contest for new products (if you have company sponsors)

• Tell a story using only photos

• Tell a story in [anniversary number] sentences.

• Design contests for tshirts, notebook covers, fabric, etc.

• Photoshop challenges

• Selfie contests where they have to match a crazy expression (could be a pic of a superhero or animated character or whatever)

• Write a limerick/haiku about [niche]

• Design a new emoji for the forum and the best one gets added

• Funniest niche-related 'fail' moment

• Contests related to tv shows/films that are turning the same age as your forum

• Colouring contest – professional artists drew an outline image that members coloured in digitally or by hand, and the winning one was put on notebooks sold through cafepress

• Create a new slogan for your forum/niche

• Forum/staff trivia

• Silliest trend from the forum's first year

• Guessing game – how many new posts/threads will be made on [anniversary date]?

• Scavenger hunt – make [anniversary number] little icons and 'hide' them around your site. Members claim them by being the first person to post a link to the location.

We've also done swaps, a charity auction, oldie-to-newbie care packages, etc.
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