Flarum 0.1.0-beta.11 Released


Apr 7, 2006
November 28th marked the release of Flarum 0.1.0-beta.11 code named "Redback Spider".

The release

This release contains primarily fixes and improvements to further stabilise the core software on our way to a stable version next year.

What's changed?

We've improved Flarum and its core extensions in many different fields for this release, including performance, SEO and usability. We've also taken care of a few dependencies being marked as vulnerable. Read through the complete list of changes on the specific repositories, here's a small selection of changes:
  • We've reverted some changes to search that made it terribly slow and improved user search performance.
  • Links no longer open in a new window/tab by default. Links also have a nofollow and ugc ref value.
  • Queue implementation has been improved.
  • Several UX fixes, among others for the modals.
  • The debug button is back on failing requests.
  • Old avatars are now properly deleted when a new one is set.
  • Fixed a bug where deleted posts would show up to the public.
There are a ton more! If you're into this, feel free to scour our changelogs and releases on GitHub.

For developers

Due to popular request, we're including information about extension breaking changes into this announcement. Beta 11 should not break any extensions, developers are recommended to check the changelogs of relating packages when they discover issues.

If you have any questions or run into any obstacles in upgrading, please open a new discussion in the [Dev tag](/t/dev) or find us in #extend on our Discord.


Flarum releases wouldn't be possible without a multitude of people, our thanks go out to all of them! Thank you...

To everyone who contributed code this release, especially Matteo Contrini, Stefan Totev, Madalin Tache, Tariq Hussein, J.C.Ködel, Moritz Stückler, Matthew Kilgore, w-4 and anyone else we've missed aside from our exceptionally amazing team;

To every backer, but especially Glowing Blue, MyGuitare. Sridhar Kamma, Donald Broussard, GuitarTalk, Ken Lam, Mark Cutting, Mikkel Rasmussen, Nikolay P, Timotheus Pokorra, 3D Geeks, Andrei Telteu and Lay Dominicans of bl. Michał Czartoryski;

Your financial support is a huge source of motivation, it helps provide for stable development hours for Flarum! Help us become a sustainable project by backing us on Open Collective or GitHub!

And finally, to you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm that keeps us all going!

You can check out the full announcement by click here.