Finally Happy locating my age old Avatar :) lost this for 5 years or more


Jun 30, 2004
I used this AVATAR here, since became member on many sites since 1996s or before. (cant remember, icq and irc were best messengers those days)
Was a part of usenet before same, but stopped due to virus infection being frequent..

Mainly BBS sites which included many.. (yes also lot of warez those days)

My country ran on 56 KBPs modems, that too mainly in Coporates..
(having a different modem access to each department with many people accessing, mostly porn.. and only a few used it positively for mails)
Browsing etc. was restricted to chat rooms, porn mainly..

I joined many sites after same, recording during that times in my private notebook, always kept seft in my wallet and with a backup of same in my home cabinet..

I used this AVATAR before 2000 FOR SURE, unsure and cant recollect from where, but it was a very special gift from a NET PAL (FEMALE) unsure from where..

Some histories you still cannot forget.
I came across this avatar accidentally on those few sites, where i registered before 2000s..

Makes a happy remembrance of those days. and ofcourse my FIRST NET PAL.. :)

May 20, 2010
And I'm over here still trying to find my cell phone... must be with the car keys...