Fans of Reality TV - Feb 15, 2004


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Jan 1, 2004
Fans of Reality TV ( or better known as FORT by the 12,000 fans who are members, is an online community who's interest is, you guessed it, reality TV.

FORT was launched September 15, 2002. Growing by leaps and bounds, in November of 2003, FORT was named the largest reality TV fan site on the internet, with 60% of the "market share", by Feedback Research:

Fans of Reality TV forums are organized around current live seasons of reality TV shows with archives for past seasons. Discussions surround characters on favorite shows, speculations on the next episodes and analysis of previous events. On any given night, when a show is airing, you can find that show's fans hanging out on a "Spoiler thread" as they discuss the show as it unfolds. The
threads are clearly marked so you can easily stay away from inside information without being tainted (if you so choose).

With one administrator, 16 super moderators, 7 writers (many of the super mods are also writers) the website stays fresh each day not just from the content of the show's discussions but from the prolific writing ability of the staff. Content rich, humor filled reviews are posted after an episode has been aired but for those who can't wait for the upcoming episode, watch for the "Pre-caps". A favorite among the FORT community, Paulie's prophetic wink at the upcoming Survivor episodes are anticipated as much as the show itself.

Providing fresh content with the reviews, previews and pre-caps, show analysis and interviews with show "stars", Fans of Reality TV maintains an atmosphere of fun and entertainment in a PG-13, non-flame zone for its grateful members.

In addition to the reality TV shows as top billing, non-reality favorite TV shows have forums to discuss CSI, ER, Alien, decorating shows, along with the community's lounges for general chatter, sports, books, movies and more.

Demographics for FORT is estimated 70% female, 30% male with the average age in the late 20's. 80% of the visitors are from the US, with Canada and Singapore leading the non-US visitor list.

Using vBulletin 3 as its software, the site is built around the forums and supported by a main page portal using vBAdvanced. They also recently installed "Spelcheck", which FORT users love.

Revenue is generated to pay the expenses of the site through 4 primary methods: Banner ads by Fastclick (60%), a "premium member" program which gives the user additional member benefits for a monthly $2 donation (25%), Amazon Associate program (10%), and a CafePress clothing store (5%).

The administrator and owner of Fans of Reality TV, John Miller, is 33 years old, married, with no kids (unless you count his cat and dog), and lives in west Michigan. He works from home as a self-employed computer consultant. "What I do, no one understands, but I work with large companies, usually retailers or manufacturers. In my spare time (which is less and less spare these days), I race sailboats, golf, and play poker on-line. And, of course, watch a lot of television. The gods smiled on us the day TiVo was invented."

The Admin Zone proudly congratulates John Miller of Fans of Reality TV for his successful community as our "Featured Forum". May you continue to entertain, amuse and provide a safe community online for Fans of Reality TV.


Tazmanian Gremlin
Jan 6, 2004
I signed up last night and when I've got a bit more time, I'll have a proper look around, even though Reality TV doesn't really thrill me that much. I just joined to see what differences there are between the US and UK reality shows.


Feb 6, 2004
Thanks, Kathy and everyone else. It's an honor to be the first "featured forum" of what hopefully will be many.

Running a large site is like keeping 100 spinning plates in the air all at once, like you all know, but it helps when the subject of the forum is one near and dear to you.


Feb 9, 2004
I will register when I'll get a chance!

you should get a badge like the 'members of the month' they have on some site ;)

Feb 19, 2004
Sorry to bring up an old topic, but...

I found FORT through TAZ months ago and just recently have become addicted to reading the BB5 updates. Great job!

It will also be exciting to find out how FORTCON goes :)