Facebook changes its name to Meta


Apr 8, 2019
To be clear, it's a company rebrand not the social platform. And why not, it worked for Google, now known to everyone as... Google?

Lifelog > Facebook > META

Within hours or days they lost control of the rebrand, not sure if anyone saw these but they went viral superfast:

Make Everything Trump Again
Make Elections True Again

Time for the 4th rebrand? 🥸

I’ve some good insight in VR and it’s close to endgame. It will destroy children and young adults, and create a world of non functioning adults, if they get that far. You think social media effect is bad, this is Jack in crack cocaine bad.

I’ve predicted for some years it will be Apple that will really break mass market the whole AR/VR thing as they are highly accomplished at what they do and the way they do it and now with their own silicon fully established, having that in their headset working in with the ecology of their walled garden of hardware and software, is a powerful proposition.

Maybe too powerful.
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Tiffany Bello

Apr 23, 2012
Blanco, I totally agree. I've been discussing this very subject of VR and social concerns on my website. Like you, I'm extremely fearful of the influence on children without the proper parentel supervision if said parent decides to allow VR. It's a slipper slope, for sure.


Jun 30, 2004
Facebook named itself has become soo toxic to a large number of audience worldwide.
And its too most popular platforms FB messenger and Whatsapp now shows powered by meta (instead of facebook) to retain trust.
I have seen a majority of groups/people in my country (little tech savvy) already moved away from whatsapp to other tools like telegram etc.