Seeking Eprotv needs volunteers and post exchange


Apr 29, 2017
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Hello everyone!
Let's get straight to the point. My website URL:

I'm looking for the following:
  • Volunteers to publish news articles about Esports. We will be doing this mainly in the Forum, and if the article/news are interesting, I'll write myself an article based on that one. Note that you do NOT need to write yourself the article, but finding it elsewhere and posting it in the forums to create a discussion. If you still like the website and want to write yourself articles, you may contact me on my forums, but this is NOT required. You need to be a gaming passionate for this!
  • Post exchange will also be a thing, but unfortunately I do not have enough time to accept everyone, so plain and simple: I will accept those websites that has enough sections, especially gaming-related or off-topic to post things. And also, of course, a "yes/no" or "i agree, etc" will not be allowed posts for the exchange. While I do not require long posts, I would like that they will have enough quality to be read and to be allowed to continue the discussions. Will do the same on my end.

In a ideal and perfect world we'd like new users to stay active forever if they like the website. We know this is hard. We will, however, try to give the best experience even if we're simply doing post exchanges so you end up posting because you simply want! Every post you make, you will be earning a virtual currency in-forum which is Forum Coins. In a near future, we will be doing giveaways/contests where this plays a key part and who knows, you might end up winning some steam keys or other things! You may stay tunned :)

Let me know which one you're interested! Volunteers are the priority, but I realize it's kind of hard to find them nowadays!
Thank you,

-- vans ( Eprotv Admin )