ElkArte 1.1 beta 1 released


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Feb 27, 2013
The first milestone for the 1.1 release is out!
Few hours ago the first beta of ElkArte 1.1 was set as a milestone and published! :D

Of course, that's an important step in getting 1.1 final out, because starting from that point overhauls are not allowed, and the focus is on fixing bugs and implement little features.

1.1 brings on the table a bunch of new "user-facing" features like: inline attachments, ditching of FontAwesome in favour of SVG icons (of course that doesn't mean it will not be possible to use FA, it just means that the project is not going to use it, actually it's still shipped and loaded at the moment, later will be off by default), two factor authentication, handling of bouncing emails, most statistics for likes and others.
Additionally there are quite a bit of changes "code-wise" that will (hopefully) make addons writers' life easier, starting from ditching support for php versions lover than 5.3 (i.e. the lowest version supported is 5.3.3), converted automated testing to PHPUnit, started using an autoloader and namespaces (yeah, I know it sounds so much like early 2000 LOL, but well, we have to start from somewhere, and any improvement it's exactly that: an improvement), better separation of the various features within the "core" (that now uses its own extension abilities to load "additional" features), and many more!

Well, I wrote too much. :p

Last a note: it's a development version, so avoid to use it on live/production sites unless you know what you do. ;)

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