ElkArte 1.1.1 security release


Bugs Developer
Feb 27, 2013
Yesterday ElkArte 1.1.1 has been released.
The main focus of the release is to fix a security issue discovered shortly after the release of 1.1.0.
Along with that, some other bugs reported in the last month have been fixed.

It is strongly recommended to update any 1.1.0 forum as soon as possible.
The details of the issue are available on the elkarte.net forum.

I would like to remind that starting with 1.0.10, security releases are pre-announced at the ElkArte website 3/4 days before the actual release.
This is done in order to inform admins of the upcoming release and give them the time to prepare for the update reducing the window during which forums are exposed to the attack (because when the patch becomes public, the vulnerability is public as well and it can be exploited).
If you want to be informed of new security releases timely, don't forget to subscribe to the Announcements board at elkarte.net.