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Jul 15, 2012
afaast submitted a new Showcase Item:


My aim is to create the biggest and best online electric bicycle forum for the discussion of electric bicycles. Bicycles have always been a passion and a hobby of mine and bicycles with electric motors are fun, economic and extremely practical. If you are into eBikes or are thinking about getting into them, then come and join us today!

Am I crazy?
Possibly, I know there are many other electric bicycle forums already in existence but many of them tackle broader topics like electric vehicles. Other electric bicycle forums are using older software which is not very appealing to the eye and doesn't look good on mobile phones. Some of the newer ebike forums appear to be associated with large ebike companies and the forums are subdirectories of the main websites, which are trying to push products onto people.

eBikesForum.com aims to focus solely on electric bicycles, that is bicycles with pedals and electric motors. I see a big future in electric bicycles as the future mode of transport. Bicycles are some of the most efficient means of transport for humans and they also have an extremely low impact on the environment. eBikeForum.com is a forum for the open discussion of electric bicycles which aims to connect electric bicycle enthusiasts together from around the world.

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