Submission eCommerce Web Design Trends to Adopt Today (Infographic)-2018


Oct 14, 2018
eCommerce continues to grow at a gigantic pace. In 2017 alone, the industry grew by 17% and this growth trend is expected to continue as more and more customers migrate to purchasing things online. Be it groceries, a present for a loved one, or day to day essentials, a growing crowd prefers doing their shopping online while saving themselves the hassle and cost of transport to physical stores. In this article I am going to introduce the top eCommerce web design trends.

As the market for retailers and businesses continues to expand and competitiveness increases, web design has quickly become a key tool for driving conversions of clicks into purchases. E-Commerce companies continuously invest in web design to keep up with the heightened demands of an online customer base. If you are web developer then these are best eCommerce web design trends tips for you.

E-Commerce Web Design Trends List
As online retail companies face increasing levels of competition, they are investing in ways to distinguish their brand and their products or services from those of their competitors. This, in many cases, has taken the form of implementing new looks and layouts for their sites.

As hinted in the previous section, design is not everything when it comes to eCommerce success. 2018 has brought about a focus on optimization, which takes many forms.

User Experience
It all comes down to user experience. This year we have seen a growing interest in design practices that aim to think exclusively in terms of user experience. What is the user looking for? How can we provide this in the fastest way possible? What device is being used to access our site? These are the questions that inform design decisions and the latest trends on user engagement and experience.

What these trends mean
The focus on aesthetic improvement, optimization and user experience has been growing over the years, and the trends mentioned in this text are examples of the practical implementation of general truths we are coming to learn about web design.

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