Do you browse your own sites with / without ads?


Aug 26, 2010
I browse my site like basic members do
I think this is worth stressing. Whether you run ads or not, it's important to view your site as if seen through the eyes of 99.9% of your members and audience. That means by using the same permissions as your members and non-members.


Mar 21, 2005
When I ran my mboard long ago, I did it as a hobby and not to make a killing on ads. This was way before ads got out of control on many sites.

There was a couple of members who would donated. One of the members did start an online business and wanted to advertise. Told him most I could do was a static banner and would only be on the welcome page. He was fine and did that for about 10 months, until a RL thing pulled him back from the internet and shut his online venture down.

I'm also on the Mod Squad of a train mboard and they have us check the board now and then as members would see it, especially a month ago when they changed to XF and figuring placement of the ads. They are locally hosted and they don't rely on Google ads and have total control. Some ad networks have had bad ads slip through that would d/l viruses to your machine.