Do I go for a rebrand or not?


May 6, 2017
StoryBB isn't a place where people go to roleplay, the plan was for it to be a place where people go to get the software to run RP sites themselves. It's a forum software, not an individual site.

Though honestly after recent events featuring one of the premier folks in the RP world spitting a ton of bile at me for making an off-hand comment that wasn't even actually negative, I'm seriously debating closing the project and just keeping it for my own site instead of making it available to everyone.

Said person is even a member here but we won't go there.
Well closing it down is negative have you considered the reaction


Flavours of Forums Forever
Sep 9, 2013
The reaction would be that a piece of software that only got to beta would simply never be released and also a certain someone wouldn’t feel threatened that a rival won’t happen.

No-one in my niche actually cares, 95% of them use Jcink hosting, the rest seem happy to make do with either Vesta, IPS with mods or some other solution, the world doesn’t need yet another forum platform.