Display iCal feed on WP page?


Oooh, something shiny!
Jul 13, 2004
I'm (slowly) getting a new WP site up & running and I am trying to display the iCal/ICS feed from a private Google calendar on a WP page.

Because the calendar in Google is not public I can't use the embed option but the iCal/ICS feed is available. Looking around I am seeing various WP 'Events' type plugins that will import ICS feeds into the local DB but that is overkill for what I want to do; I just want to display the ICS feed in a nice looking format. Specifically what I'd really like to mimic is if you are logged into Google viewing a calendar and are viewing the 'Agenda' view.

I don't need to feed the Google calendar from WP, just to display the ICS feed nicely in WP.

Any suggestions?