[Discussion] Next Dot-Com Bubble?


Oct 9, 2006
As everyone seems to be doing fairly or very well in their industry of Information Technology, specifically, the Internet where over the years have grown by much since after the previous Dot-Com boom in the 1990s. So, well, i know it sounds terribly absurd as why would i suddenly think and become a killjoy when everyone's happy from doing well in their jobs related to the IT industry and start asking "When will be the next Dot-com bubble?" and even asked everyone who's particularly focused and enthusiastic of the Internet about this. There they said 'people won't be too readily able to take those risks they took back then again' and that certainly means it's not at all possible for the next dot-com bubble to occur again.

Yeah, but how often does one wonder that whether that will happen again in the future when they are doing well by earning huge ludicrous sums of money from the Internet? So what i am actually hinting on about is actually these following keypoints:

-Will there be a Dot-com bubble once again?
>If so, when will that be?
>And what would you do? (learn a second skill? stay out of job and rest on your savings yet still spend large amounts on buying branded clothing and products?)

Just take your time to think about these. As terrible as all these sounds, it's often wise to say and reconsider the old saying "prevention is better than cure". So think now and start preparing. "Life is full of uncertainties!"

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