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an oddity
Apr 30, 2018
I have been considering to start a forum which would have at least one section about psychedelic drugs and experiences with them. However, I understand that this could quickly devolve into a drug trafficking community. Is there any way to prevent me being in legal trouble here, in addition to the usual requirement of being a watchful moderator?

Taylor J

Mar 13, 2010
As long as they don't sell the drugs or advertise the selling on your forum then I don't think you can get into much trouble, but i'm not a lawyer so.
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Aug 26, 2010
I'm not qualified to advise on the legal side either but I'd consider disabling private messaging and make that area visable to members only.
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Apocalypse Admin
Jun 29, 2008
Keep that talk off the community would be my default recommendation to people interested in discussing this subject for a number of reasons. Prioritize discussing these on other platforms or preferably direct 1-1 private chats.

Avoiding liability for management and the community, but also protecting members from carelessly posting disclosures and opinions that could harm them if their past online activities get investigated by motivated adversaries. Its a more confortable position to adopt than needing to remind people that if asked, forums do have to comply with law enforcement if it just *suspects* foul play was facilitated by your forum (itll then be your burden to prove it hadnt).

I'd consider disabling private messaging and make that area visable to members only.
My take too.
Nowadays the PM system is no longer as necessary as a communication function for the average unprivileged member and limiting PM permission could stimulate public discourse.


Jan 26, 2015
I doubt there would be any surprise if law enforcement entities at any number of levels were to take an interest in a site that had a section that focused on such discussion. I wouldn't have a clue about the legal stuff that could arise due to that, but I am sure that you would have law enforcement interest at some point. That point could be later, if that section seemed to be popular.

But a couple of ideas, just in case they haven't come to you already.

Find some reputable medical forum and ask questions there and also have a link to that site on your site, with some explanation that at some level(s) a person in any sort of trouble would need medical help and so that site you chose might be a good place to start. In other words, get as much interaction as possible between them medical folks and your members that might need it.

And I would do exactly the same thing with some site that has its focus on law enforcement, as you also warn your own members that you aren't going to stand for any sort of illegal stuff, whatever that "illegal stuff" might be. And ask them folks on that law enforcement site you chose what sort of definition should be applied to "illegal stuff".

I mean, that is what all these forums are about, yes --- communications. Well, communicating with them medical folks and them law enforcement folks might help you stay out of trouble. Maybe. If indeed there could be any "trouble".

I guess I would view that as a "brave" thing to be allowing on your site. Well no, the word should be "encouraging" on your site. I'd classify that as Net Bravery. I know darn well my co-admin would shoot these > > > > > > > > > > at me if I were to ask to be allowed to open up such a type of section on our site.