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vBulletin Disable BBCodes/Smilies Per Users/Usergroups 1.4

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La Villa Strangiato
Jul 3, 2017
MarkFL submitted a new resource:

Disable BBCodes/Smilies Per Users/Usergroups - Allows you to designate a list of BBCodes/Smilies that will be disabled for the users you select.


This product allows you to designate a list of BBCodes and a list of Smilies that will be disabled for the users/usergroups you select. You may also restrict users individually, with their own separate lists of restrictions. The affected BBCodes/Smilies will be disabled only in the areas you select, and you can elect to have them disabled in signatures and previews (corresponding to the other areas selected) as well. You can disable only the display of...

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