Different Themes for Different Areas


Nov 23, 2010
I'm pretty new to WordPress so I'm a little bit stuck here. My site will have WordPress for the front end and XenForo for the community. (using an SSO bridge)

I want to integrate some features on my site and WordPress is great for plugins and I can find pretty much exactly what I want. I'm talking Videos, Arcade and Links. The problem I've run into is the theme I'm using for my WordPress doesn't seem to work well with the video or arcade plugins, but there are other themes which are made for these types of plugins. In fact there are themes which integrate these functions. I am really happy with the site theme since it displays the news and articles on the front page really well. I have seen a plugin which can assign a different theme to pages, but the problem is that these plugins set up a number of pages but also display a selected video on a different page which would then use the sites default theme.

So, I'm thinking the solution seems to be multisite setup. I'm ok with this, but don't know enough about WP to be comfortable with the decision. I would need my members to be able to use all the features of the site seamlessly, and additionally would like to be able to set some restrictions as far as post requirements to use these features.

Also there is the way WordPress handles multisite. I would like to use the subfolder method and am willing to start over since I am now restricted to using the subdomain, but I would rather not have the blog slug added to my site. Maybe the subdomain method would be OK, just not sure.

I would like to know if I am on the right path and maybe someone could help me to weigh which method would be best or if I should even go with multisite.