Dealing with moderators that think they 'own' your forum?


Feb 25, 2021
It's a rather niche site for people with certain interests of adult [but not outwardly sexual] nature site, to talk through their certain interest within that spectrum of fetish (obviously following all laws and not a Craigslist ad-like site). But not something I want to out myself here on. :hiding: (as I plan to talk about other sites I manage :) )
I humbly respect your choice. Although I am not shy concerning sexuality, I can respect your choice to retain your anonymity.


Nov 4, 2021
PeacefulMind I see you posted this almost three years ago and the thread has been quiet for a few months, but I still think it's worth adding my tuppence worth in support. :)

First of all, I think you're in the right here.

What I wonder, is how did they manage to give themselves admin privileges? It's not possible unless someone hacked the forum software, maybe? Did that absent admin do it before they became, well, absent? Was the software out of date? What forum software is the site on?

They certainly have an inflated sense of entitlement to be telling the new site owner that they need permission from them. Totally ridiculous! :LOL: I would certainly be telling them in no uncertain terms and firmly, but fairly, that I call the shots round here. I'd offer them the option of towing the line or being demoted and if they kick off too much (sounds like they'd go mental) gently advise them that they may be banned if they don't stop that behaviour. Depending on the exact circumstance, I might tell them that I value their contributions, but only when given in the right way.

I think they'd be unlikely to behave well, so probably a demotion along with appointing new mods would be in order. If they then ragequit the forum, so be it.

And apologies, but I haven't had the chance to go through the thread, so how was this resolved in the end?

Finally, I'd love to know what forum this is and may well like to join, so would you please mind letting me have the link? By PM is fine if you want to keep it confidential.