Dealing with a hotlinker


Oct 6, 2005
Hey guys - it's been forever and a half since I have been back here, but I thought maybe you could give me a hand.

I have a guy hotlinking some of my images :tisk: - problem is, he is linking to the thumbnail directly. I use Joomla, so it isn't as simple as turning hotlinking protection on. Here is the URL structure of the image being linked.

Now here's the issue - the guy is sending a good amount of traffic, 15,000+ a month. I want to redirect the visitors to that gallery - instead of getting the thumbnail he is linking them to.

Ive tried this in the main index of my site AND in the image directory:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^http://barrafaeli\.blogspot\.com/
RewriteRule .* [] [R=301,L]

If I have to, I will simply ban the ip of his site, but I would like to try to salvage the traffic if I can as I have what they are looking for, I just want to be able to display my ads, instead of an image. :bonk:

Any thoughts? - the problem is it is loading off showthumb.php

(btw, place looks great, come a long way)