Cruise Control vs Android Auto/Apple Carplay: Which would you prefer?

You can only have one. Which would you choose?

  • Android Auto/Apple CarPlay Stereo

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  • Cruise Control

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Erin Nicole

Jul 13, 2014
So I have a 2017 Kia Forte and when I got it they had to add on cruise control to my car (didn't know cars came without it until last year). I got it new and it was fine except the speakers.

I wanted to update those so for Christmas last year my parents got me a double din pioneer 2330 nex radio and updated JBL speakers. The speakers aren't perfect but are better than what I had. Radio works perfectly and I don't have any issues running Android auto from my note9.

The problem is my cruise control runs through the radio. This radio doesn't have a connection for the cruise control. Therefore no cruise control. I took it to the secondary auto shop that installed this cruise control and they did research for 2 months (legit; this place is amazing) and couldn't come up with anything. They called everyone they could think of and no one had a workaround or a way to get this to work.

I have A LOT of driving coming up starting end of June so i am thinking about reverting my stereo back and going cruise control route instead. It is free through best buy to get this done but I'd have to pay if I ever wanted back to this "better" stereo.

What do you guys think I should do? I'd love input.