Creating a completely seperate 'test' forum for testing your hacks and mods.


Feb 2, 2005
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Creating a completely seperate 'test' forum for testing your hacks and mods.

As with any live site, it's important to have a test area where you can safely test out any modifications or hacks without risking them 'killing' your live site, either it's files, or worse, it's database.

Hopefully by the end of this 'how-to' you will be able to create a completely seperate test forum on the same domain so that you can test out all your hacks and mods to your hearts content! I've created step-by-steps to make things as easy as possible but if anyone get's stuck anywhere please feel free to post a thread and highlight this article and which bit you are stuck on, and I'll do my best to help you. If I'm not around I'm sure someone else will do their best to help as we have a pretty friendly and helpful lot here on TAZ :p

Although the article is a guide for vB, the same principles more or less apply to all forum software.

I have included two main options; one where you can install a fresh new forum, and one where you can take a 'snapshot' of your existing forum and duplicate a copy of that. I have also written a couple of mini-guides, one that shows you how to create a new mysql database and one that shows you how to import/export styles...

After all this you should have no excuse for not having a testing forum!! :)

The Options in more detail...

Option 1

A clean fresh install of a brand new 'test forum'. This will be a basic clean install - just like how you first set up your forum, only in a different directory.

SSH required?: No
FTP required?: Yes
Mysql Database required?: Yes

Option 2

A test forum based on a 'snapshot' of your existing one, including all it's current hacks, mods, styles and templates (basically an exact copy of your existing forum!) This is very useful and the preffered choice if you will be using the 'testing forum' for any hacks or mods that you will want to move to your 'live' forum at some stage.

SSH required?: Yes
FTP required?: Yes
Mysql Database required?: Yes

Mini-guide 1

Creating a new mysql database using Cpanel - You'll need to create a brand new mysql database with both the above options, so here's a quick guide for anyone whos unsure on how to do that.

Mini-guide 2

Copying styles - Quick guide on how to copy/duplicate a style....

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