Considering Sponsorship


Feb 14, 2005
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Considering Sponsorship

Considering Sponsorship
This article is aimed to help the forum administrator find their first sponsor(s)

Before looking for a sponsor there are a few things to consider.
  • Why do i need a sponsor?

    Think about this one for a moment. Consider what you actually want from your site. If you want a Porsche, go for it, if you just want to cover hosting costs, do the same but be realistic, judge your own worth taking into account time commitment, enthusiasm, creativity, etc., nobody is a better judge of you than yourself!

    Ask yourself why somebody would want to sponsor you.

    Once you know exactly what your ambitions and capabilities are then start to think how you can sell yourself and your project to a sponsor.

    To help you build a template for a 'sponsorship contact form' here are some more considerations...
  • What do i want from my sponsor?

    Whatever you want depends on your ambitions for the site. Multiple sponsorships might appeal to you or having a dedicated sponsorship may suit you better. Again, be realistic, make an offer based on what you can give back in return.
  • What has your site got to offer your sponsor in return?

    Nobody will give something for nothing-(if you find someone who will give them my addy ;) ) and you need to consider what you have or are willing to give in return of sponsorship. This is down to the individual admin but some things to consider are;

    1. Advertising space on your site (banners, text ads, own forum, etc)
    2. Their link on your outgoing emails.
    3. Staff promoting sponsor whenever/wherever possible (product bias)
    4. Special privileges on your site. Download access etc..

    *Note - If running a remotely hosted board check the companies TOS about any ads/banners you place on your site, this could also apply to free hosting packages.
  • Selling Yourself

    In order to sell your idea and yourself you must give the sponsor as much information as possible. Tell them a little about you, your education, background etc. Tell them your ideas for the future to show your commitment. If it's only short term, make this clear.
    Communication is vital. Explain how you intend to promote the site, seo work, page ranking, link popularity, etc....
  • Finding a sponsor

    You need to find someone with a strong belief in your idea and has faith in you....

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Sep 27, 2006
Good suggestions

Thanks for your article on "Considering Sponsorship". While I'm not considering sponsorship yet, it was worth reading. It gave me some idea and things to consider. Thanks for your time and effect to document. I know it will come in handy when I'm ready.


Oct 6, 2005
I've been wondering how I could approach this - thanks for the tips.


Oct 9, 2006
This topic is pretty good. I would really refer it to help my site to achieve a better PR rank too.