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Migration Expert
Feb 20, 2007
Whenever any CDN, including Cloudflare, has to fetch from the origin server, it's going to be slower.

When a browser fetches images, css and javascript, those resources are usually static (the same for every person browsing the site). So the odds are high they will be cached, and that assets from page-load will be faster.

Same thing with HTML pages that don't change much such as a site's front page, articles, etc. Threads, however, can not only change often, but depending on whether the user is logged in (and their user permissions as well), or a guest, the page may or may not be cacheable by the CDN. In those cases, the browser requests the page from the CDN, and then the CDN must request the page from the forum's server, so that part will be slower with the CDN than without.

With that in mind, for my own sites, I use a CDN for infrequently changing images, css and javascript using a sub-domain, and the HTML pages served directly from my servers. Example, if my site was, the CDN cached assets would be use