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Apr 25, 2019
Where is the control? Monopolies have been broken up in the past. Anti-Trust in the eight hands can do a lot of good.
ISPs and anti-DDoS (this should be treated as a utility imo or ISPs need to fix the IP spoofing exploits which make it possible for massive DDoS attacks to happen) are inherently limited and may pose a threat to speech if they went down the road of censorship, but there are many search engines and there is a low barrier to launching a new search engine if you find your current one is censoring results you want to find.

For instance, as alternatives to Google, there are Duckduckgo, Yandex, Baidu, Sogou, Common Crawl, Burf, Bing, Yahoo!, Yacy, Mojeek, Exalead, Somethingsomething360 and more. These names should be familiar to you as crawlers in your logs.

Search engines are not an inherently limited resource in the same way utilities or airwaves are and neither are these companies acting as agents for the government.

Not being treated as agents of the government is also the reason why these companies can run searches for illegal content in private contexts without running afoul of the Fourth Amendment (I'll hold off on debating the merits and drawbacks of filters in this specific case, but it is somewhat relevant if we're thinking of whether it is worth nationalizing companies or otherwise trying to poke holes in their independence).
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