Can someone explain VPN to me, please.


Dec 20, 2004

This is not specifically about forums or online communities... but I know you folks know stuff!

The non-profit that I run is looking at a client-mamagement package that is designed to run within our LAN. Normally, this would be fine--but with COVID and everyone working remotely, I need to have people have remote access. The rep that I've been talking do said, "You need to set up a VPN!"

Great... but I have no clue how to do that, and haven't been able to find a clear explanation online.

Is it something I set up on my internal server?
Is it something I set up with my internet access provider (Comcast)?
Is it something I set up with my web/mail hosting provider?

What will people have to do to access it—is it just an IP address and log-in?

I'm pretty clueless.



Jan 25, 2011
If you want a VPN on your non-profit network you will need to set-up the VPN-Server on the servers you have at your non-profit office. When configured you setup a VPN-Client on your home computer. After that you make connection with the office VPN-Server (by ip address) when done correctly you are working on the office network. But from there it get technically because you will need to give permissions to the VPN-Server to access the files on the server. Its not something you want to do ad-hoc.

Normally i would go with a terminal server its easier because you only give permission to user to use terminal server and make image what they use to work on. They get a small file what they can use to make connection to the terminal server when connection is established they are working on the server. Both have pro’s and con’s terminal server is more expensive then VPN.

Paul M

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Jun 26, 2006
What router are you using for your internet ?
Many routers have VPN capability built into them, even home ones.