Burning Board 4.0 – End of Life


Woltlab News
Aug 17, 2017
Burning Board 4.0 was the dawn of a new era, introducing fresh concepts to forums and delivering an excellent user experience to mobile users alike. It didn't stop there and over the course of the past years, we've introduced its successors Burning Board 4.1 and the new WoltLab Suite Forum 5.0. They were both built upon the concepts of Burning Board 4.0, but each time pushed the limits even further to deliver the best possible experience to all.

Eventually we'll discontinue the support for Burning Board 4.0 on January 1st 2018 after more than four years of service. Downloads in the customer area and the update servers will remain in place until January 1st 2019 (1 year later). This also includes all other apps (Blog, Calendar, Filebase and Gallery) in Version 2.0 to be discontinued at the same time, technically this affects all apps built on WoltLab Community Framework 2.0. Support for Burning Board 4.1 and other apps for WoltLab Community Framework 2.1 will continue to be supported past this date.


  • January 1st 2018
    • Burning Board 4.0 will no longer be officially supported.
    • Blog 2.0, Calendar 2.0, Filebase 2.0 and Gallery 2.0 will be discontinued at the same time.
    • Dedicated sub forums will be put into archive mode, allowing no new posts to be made to them.
  • January 1st 2019 (1 year later)
    • Downloads in the customer area will be removed.
    • Package Update Servers will be shut down.
    • Plugin-Store files for Burning Board 4.0 will be removed.
    • Applies to Blog 2.0, Calendar 2.0, Filebase 2.0 and Gallery 2.0 too.

We would like to recommend all existing users of Burning Board 4.0 to migrate to newer versions such as our current flagship WoltLab Suite Forum 5.0.