Build Your Site: Using the vBulletin Calendar System


Jan 17, 2004
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Build Your Site: Using the vBulletin Calendar System

Using the vBulletin Calendar System

A free feature that comes with vBulletin forum software is the Calendar. A great tool that has evolved from version 2 on. Now in version 3 you can have ranged events, daily events and even multiple calendars. If you use vBulletin, or plan to, but you didn't think about the calendar then I invite you to read this indepth by Kyle. He has taken the time to write out his experience and note out the benefits and functionality of the calendar system of vBulletin.

Author: Kyle
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Introduction to vBulletin's Calendar
I have seen a lot of communities that might have done well by using the Calendar to its full potential , but most have not used it, or not used it properly.

Here are some things you can do with the calendar feature:

  • Organize Community-Wide Events
  • Make users feel more integrated (birthdays, automatic)
  • An add-on for hosted forums (if you host other peoples forums on your vBulletin)
  • Organize Community Contests
  • Users can setup a reminder to an event
  • Much much more!
The vBulletin Calendar System is a great tool that comes standard with vBulletin, and is as rich-featured as many stand alone products. It integrates perfectly with vBulletin forum software (obviously) and matches the style and language the user is set to. Despite full integration with the forum software, (personally) I feel that it is still missing integration with threads. For example allowing users to comment on calendar events.

I host a gaming clan's forum as a subforum at my gaming website, and they use vBulletin's calendar to schedule events that happen on the FFXI server, instead of having to manually private- or instant message users about the date / time to be on-line for the event.

Allowing your users be able to post events on the Calendar also integrates them more into the community, having their important date set up for the whole community to see, participate in, or spectate; bringing even more of a 'community' feel to the website.

If you like to have contests, and events in your community, MAKE SURE TO POST IT ON THE CALENDAR. I have been to many boards where users just skipped over the news/announcement forums, but they still read the calendar to see if anything is going on. More informed, more participants, more community!

Inside the Calendar...

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May 2, 2009
I don't use the the calendar because no matter what I do it will not generate repeating events. 4.02 that is.