Build Your Site: Using the 'UserCP' Section


Jan 17, 2004
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Build Your Site: Using the 'UserCP' Section

Build Your Site: Feature Experience: Using the 'UserCP' Section

We recently added Hobbierz to our list of staff members on and decided to ask him if he wanted to write out an indepth experience on a feature of vBulletin. He picked the User Control Panel and .. well, let him tell it himself! Thank you Hobbierz for taking the time to work with me and write out your experience. The difference with this indepth feature and the on-line manual is 'how we experience it' rather then 'explaining what it means'.

Author:Tyler Cote (Hobbierz)
Web site:

Indepth Feature Experience: Using the 'UserCP' Section by Hobbierz
-A brief overview of the User Control Panel and its counterparts-

One of the many features available to you in vBulletin is the UserCP. Jammed pack with all your profile-editing abilities, one could easily get sidetracked. Whether it be your signature and avatar , Private Messages , Reputation, or Event Reminders , there's something here for everyone. Along with all the possibilities comes organization. The outline and depth of the UserCP is clear and precise , detailed, but simple for your average-user. Although, with more familiarity, this area becomes more and more of a necessity. Of all the end user options, this section would most-definetly be my most visited, other than the Search option or the Memberlist.

Secondly, another of my favorite features of the UserCP would have to be the Attachments sub-section. What this section does is display all your attachments ever appended to a post. It also shows the Thread name, post name, Attachment size, post date, and number of downloads. All of these are most certainly convenient so in a matter of seconds (depending on how many total attachments you have uploaded), you can easily pull up any of your past files for use. One last thing I thought was really nice was the ' Number of downloads' feature, since it allows me to see just how useful/popular my attachments were. That, and the switch to view my attachments in thumbnail images makes it a winner for me.

Another excelling section of the UserCP is the Edit Profile feature. Completely customizable from the Administrator-side, this is by far quite a comprehensive option. Although it may take a little getting used to, once accustomed, nearly anything is possible. The many different Profile field types reveal quite a few possibilities, ranging from...

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