Build Your Site: Logo Design

Jan 22, 2004
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Build Your Site: Logo Design

Creating a logo is an integral part of any web site. It's purpose is to give a memorable and visual representation of your identity. A positive first impression will increase future relationships.

What makes a good logo?
“Must be short and simple not abstract and confusing.”

  • Must be "attention-grabbing".
  • Clear big fonts.
  • Title must be the focus of your logo. Not true in all cases, sometimes a graphic logo is required (depends on product).
  • Must be short and simple not abstract and confusing. A logos' meaning should be interpreted by the user before he/she 'thinks about it'. For example, NIKE, Just Do it, w/Swoosh symbol. A good rule of dumb is to add a short description under the title regarding the site.
  • Colors should be simple and balanced. A good logo must work well in one color and gradients of that color. Ask yourself, will the logo look good on business letterhead and print on fax machines?
  • Strong contrast should be visible on all elements

  • Design your logo for print FIRST.
  • Design logo using the 16 basic defined color names.
  • Understand color psychology - How color makes people feel.
Do you wonder why fragrance bottles for men or women are shaped differently?

Curves can be interpreted as "soft". It is calm, pacific, assured, sensuously relaxed, and optimistic.
Straight sharp lines symbolizes high tech and aggressiveness.
Square shapes symbolize dullness, straight forward, honesty, and stability.
Triangle shapes symbolize action, agitation, conflict, and tension.

Design Strategy
  • Acquire as much information about the business or web site as possible. This is a critical step in understanding the needs and wants of 'the site'.
  • Who or what is the market place?
  • Who or what is its' competitors?
  • Is there any existing logo(s)?
  • Is there any ideas for the new logo?

First Viewing

Create a handful of designs. Anywhere between 4 and 8 initial designs is a good start. At this point, solicit thoughts, feedback and feelings towards each design (colors/elements). Request for the first initial response that comes to the readers mind. In the end, you may have a winner or you may have to revise 2 - 3 designs.


If needed ... changes to be done on initial designs. This will continue until...

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Nov 15, 2004
I can't believe this article has been here for two years and nobody's commented on it!

Very well written and very true, it's the logo that makes the first impression. Great article! :worship:


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Apr 7, 2005
4,648 said:
Clear big fonts.
This needs to be stated again. The number one reason for a bad logo is that people tend to try to be too fancy and use a font that is hard to read.


Jul 18, 2006
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