Build Your Site: LiveJournal as a Promotional Tool


May 1, 2005
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Build Your Site: LiveJournal as a Promotional Tool

LiveJournal as a Promotional Tool

After reading this thread which explains using your forum's RSS feed on My Yahoo!, it quickly occurred to me that RSS feeds can also be used on LiveJournal. Since first posting this idea, there have been a number of questions about how best to utilise this feature, so this article is intended to help Admin Zone members promote themselves via LiveJournal.

LiveJournal Basics

For those not familiar with LiveJournal's service, here's a quick run-down of how to get started. As the name suggests, LiveJournal is, first and foremost, a journal site. An account consists of an online journal, often known as a blog. However, the service provides much more than just a journal; aside from personal accounts, there are also community accounts and syndication accounts. Community accounts are accounts which personal accounts can join and post to. Syndication accounts are for RSS feeds. Personal accounts can add other accounts to their "friends lists." What this means is that any recent entries in those accounts will show up on a "friends page." This is one of the main features of LiveJournal, and most people who use LiveJournal frequently check their friends page for new entries.

To make use of LiveJournal's promotional possibilities, you'll need to register for an account. It's free, quick, and they really won't spam you. You can update your journal (or the journal of a community you are a member of) by going to Journal on the right hand side of the page when you're logged in, and selecting Update. At the bottom of the Update page you'll see "Post to" and a selection box to choose which journal to post to. Once you've signed up and know how to make a LiveJournal entry, read on to get started with adding your RSS feed.

RSS on LiveJournal

Rather importantly, it must be noted that only paid LiveJournal users can add an RSS feed to LiveJournal. Don't panic! You have a couple of options here. I will gladly set up RSS feeds for any Admin Zone members who PM me with the URL to the feed they want displayed. Alternatively, there is the LiveJournal syn quest community. Joining and making a post in it asking for a feed to be added will likely result in one of the members creating the...

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