Build Your Site: Internet Explorer? Alternatives reviewed!


Jan 17, 2004
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Build Your Site: Internet Explorer? Alternatives reviewed!

Are you not happy with Internet Explorer? Alternatives reviewed!

Internet Explorer has been the top browser for years. It has always been bundled with Windows since it was first created. I’m sure most of us have started out using Internet Explorer, at least those of us who have used AOL or Windows. In the past, like Windows, IE has had a lot of security holes. These could potentially steal information you are transmitting through the Internet, like when you use PayPal, and can lead to a huge problem. Many of us have already switched to something else. If you haven’t, this article will help you to choose which browser to choose in alternative to IE, and how it acts with vBulletin.

Personally, I exclusively use Mozilla Firefox. I’m going to review that in this article. Several other popular browsers will also be reviewed.

Author: Richard Marx (Admiral Spock)
Web site:

Mozilla Firefox

Name: Mozilla Firefox
Cost: Free
Version reviewed: 0.9.2 (Latest version at the time of this writing)

From the developers of Mozilla, comes Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is a most superior browser, compared to IE. With tabbed browsing, many extensions that extend the functionality of Firefox, and so much more, I would recommend this browser to anyone. With a simple, easy to use interface, Firefox is an excellent solution to anyone who needs to switch from IE, especially if they are not the “sharpest tool in the shed” in regards to computer usage.

Converting your cookies, settings, bookmarks, etc, from IE is simple. When you first install, you will see an option to convert settings from IE, and that only takes a few seconds to do. My only problem with this is, is that you cannot export your bookmarks, as far as I know.

Using it with vBulletin is really, bittersweet. The frontend works great, however, in the Admin Control Panel, especially in the Styles and Templates section, it has its limitations. Some visual hacks for vB3 and vB2 such as glowing usernames will not work with Firefox, as far as I have heard.

Overall, I give this browser a rating of 9.5 out of 10. You can download Firefox at

Ease of Use: 10/10
vBulletin Compatibility: 9/10
Overall Rating: 9.5/10


Name: Mozilla...

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Nov 23, 2004
With vB's latest patch, styles and modifications are the same with IE as they are with Mozilla/FF. Either way, that's a problem with IE not following the current standards, not Mozilla. Glowing name as well. Mozilla does not accept older HTML 4.01/CSS standards such as those style of effects, and IE does not like to support CSS floats.