Board Wars - Crucial Board Modifications


Sep 18, 2005
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Board Wars - Crucial Board Modifications

Board Wars - Crucial Board Modifications

Welcome to the War of the Boards.

Online there are millions upon millions of different message boards supporting a myriad of subjects all competing for every single potential visitor’s attention. Ultimately, it ends up that the old golden percentage of life rings true even over the internet. 99% of the visitors spend 99% of their forum time on 1% of available message boards. For those of you lucky enough to be among the Big Berthas of the Big Boards, sit back and bask in your own greatness. For the rest of you, get ready to fight a down and dirty battle. That 1% may be small, but it is the most hotly contested battleground on the internet.

In this battleground the front line is constantly being shifted, and often the reason for these shifts are minute seemingly insignificant differences which then create a snowball effect, thrusting one of these smaller boards into the lead. This article is all about this snowball effect. I assume that you all have done the basics such as getting a good template, telling your friends, submitting to search engines, and in general being a good overall promoter of your message board. My suggestions are far more subtle, but they will give you an edge, perhaps that edge that will allow you to take a final offensive and finally get off of the field of board wars.

Suggestion #1 - Easy & Overlooked Search Engine Optimization

It absolutely amazes me how many board administrators ignore the absolute essentials of search engine optimization. Perhaps you believe that old wives tale that the majority of your visitors will find you via word of mouth. The women lied, take a look at your stats and you’ll see that the majority of your new visitors are coming through search engines. The raw stats are deceitful simply because once a user becomes well acquainted with your forum they are likely to just type in the url. Being ranked high in the search engines should be your most primary focus, as it is the #1 way to bring in fresh traffic into your forum.

Part A: Use <h1> </h1> tags to define your key content.

Search engines place higher value on the keywords placed within <h1> </h1> tags on your forum. The key is to ensure that every single page on your forum has an <h1> </h1> tag that correctly correlates to your content. Now on a dynamic forum this may seem like an impossible task, however, it is very simple and easy. All you need to...

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