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Jan 1, 2004
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Big Boards Media Kit

If you have spent the last few years managing your community, receiving checks from Google's adsense program and thinking you have monetized your forum completely, you may be missing out.

If you have received inquiries about advertising on your forums and have neglected to respond because you are lacking a proper media kit, there is no time like the present to create one.

What is a media kit?

"A resource created by a publisher to help prospective ad buyers evaluate advertising opportunities."

By definition, there is no "right way" to create a media kit. But a media kit is your opportunity to provide a snapshot of your website/forum to an advertising buyer, highlighting the opportunities available and showing off your forum in the best way possible.

What goes into a media kit?

Most media kits contain:

1. Site Demographics

This includes gender, country of visitors, education level, income level. Basically, anything you know about your visitors based on surveys given to your traffic occasionally.

There are some networks (including Burst) that offer this survey. It may be tedious but the information can be beneficial to understanding your traffic and being able to highlight your visitors to the potential advertising buyers.

2. Traffic Stats

This includes unique visitors, daily sessions, page views and the assorted oodles and gobs of information you can find in your Google Analytics account. This is the place to show off those big-board stats! Wow the reader with the page views, member numbers and post counts.

A chart or multiple pie charts can be helpful to display these stats. Including the stats in a paragraph form provides the details but for a quick glance, the reader may miss them. Keep the stats easy to read and find without digging through lengthy text.

3. Ad placements and rates

This includes screenshots of your pages with ad sizes available. Include targeting opportunities if you can segment your advertising placements to match a speciality niche within your niche. The main thing is that the interested advertiser can see at a glance the ad placements and the sizes available. Be sure and include ad rates.

Finding your site's ad rate can be tricky. If you underbid your niche/traffic, you will have far too many inquiries and purchases and not enough traffic to go around, even for a big board. If you overbid your niche, you will have...

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Aug 21, 2005
This is really helpful Kathy, thank you! I don't have a media kit but will get started on one!


Jul 5, 2004
Thanks, Kathy! :) I just stumbled upon this, but it is good timing because I've had a few inquiries about advertising on the forum I just built for our homeschool community at Thanks!
Dec 13, 2005
I don't own a Big Board yet, but this is information that everyone should be knowledgeable about.

Thanks for sharing. :)


Mar 31, 2006
thanks for this article!

when do you think should i start a media kit?
i actually have 1500 users and 3000-5000 pae views a day!


Apr 27, 2009
Nice information

This sounds like a good piece of information about media kit. I have visited many media kits including those of Wall street journal and Newsweek. They also inform you how to advertise there and what rates will be applicable to you.

I am also an advertiser and I'm interested in finding out information about offline medias used by any specific company / university. Offline media includes print magazine, newspaper, tv, radio etc. Can anyone help me out in this regard?


Mar 20, 2009
Great tip Kathy, some excellent advice :) Just curious, what do you consider as a big board?