Cloud Anyone with Xenforo on Siteground Cloud? Crashing


Sep 14, 2019
I have a fairly busy Xenforo forum on Siteground Cloud service
It has gone well for the last year.
Ten days ago they upgraded my service with a new Dynamic Cache (and gave me more bandwith at a higher price)
The change over seemed to go OK, and I think the pages loaded much faster.
Then it crashed and we could not access the forum, but my html website on Siteground still worked.
In the end Siteground seemed to think that the cache needed to be flushed. But it filled up again.
Then they advised me to disable the top level cache in my .htacess file
I did this and the the forum now runs, but it is slower to load pages than before thier upgrade!

Anyone esle on XF with Siteground Cloud?