Another IPS "don't like"

Tracy Perry

Opinionated asshat
May 25, 2013
Is Tracy Perry running outdated software and complaining about outdated software? LOL

Yo Tracy Perry, I have the PERFECT software for you that puts up big red non-dismissable upgrade banners at the top of every page.
Yep, since I don't depend on the site for income, nor for anything other than enjoyment it's no issue as I can also recreate the entire VPS and setup in about 2 hours (which is actually more fun than the forum software to me and I've been known to trash a VPS just to recreate it in the past).

The point was that even when that version of IPS was "brand new" it gave the same error, so the "error checking" routine even then was problematic. There was the comment that it used to need a secrete key, but as related, no secret key input was requested on 4.3.6, so a "reasonable" person would believe that the lack of a now non-existent secrete key would have no bearing on it working or not since it wasn't required for input originally (which it doesn't affect the working since you can manually insert the API key and it continues to work).