An interesting situation involving converting from ProBoards.


Nov 24, 2005
Does that include the Delete Account button/feature?

Already tested this on my own board using a dummy account and making one post, then deleting the account as dummy member. Their posts get left behind using same name they registered with. So it's not that bad really, it's not as though all their posts go with the account, or get listed under GUEST name (once their account is deleted).

I don't see that member being able to delete their own account as a bad thing, saves them pestering you to delete it if they want to do it. Let them do it themselves, but all their posts still remain intact. Which is all that matters really for the sake of keeping threads making sense they posted in.
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Feb 16, 2010
OK, so I've been away from this board for a while, including my own; I took a teaching assignment in the Dominican Republic over a year ago. I have not been able to keep up, even with my own board. It's been almost 2 months since I've been back in the the states and things are finally settling down. Anyway, I moved my board from Proboards using the script; for those who don't remember, here is the thread OK - I've Migrated My Proboards to phpBB Today - What Do You Guys Think?

I have to tell you, when I started my board in 2010, I did not even know what a database was. I'm an avid reader and just wanted a platform to discuss my favorite electronic reader since the Amazon Kindle was so popular and a lot of people were not aware of a better alternative (in my opinion, the Sony Reader). Anyway, Proboards was easy to set-up and the 10 months I spent using their software, while not great, the staff and support was top notch! The Proboards community is what I missed most when I made the decision to leave; there are some truly helpful people there. With that said, the more I learned about being an admin, the more dissatisfy I became with Proboards. I felt trap. I paid for ad free from the get go since a few bucks a month was not a big deal. Why, I picked Proboards, since I could at least afford a shared hosting package, simple answer ignorance. I was really clueless back then. Once, I gain enough knowledge, mostly from this board, I was completely dissatisfy with my lack of control over my board. We actually discussed freely on the board about moving with the registered members. We made the thread, unavailable to guests. All our active members were on board with the decision.

The moving process was hard without Proboards cooperation and I can say if I knew after all the hard work I put into that forum, that I would not be able to move it, Proboards would not have been my choice. Yes, I read the TOS. No, I did not fully understand that they owned my content since at the time, while I never ran a board before, I've been a member of quite a few that changed platform throughout the years. I know ignorance is not a valid excuse but you live and learn.


Jan 8, 2005
ProBoards invested into a platform that made it easy for people to do all the hard work of building a community for them and then figured out a loophole that made it damn near impossible for the people who actually built up their community to take their hard work elsewhere. Kudos to them.


Aug 26, 2015
How can they export the data, if the owners don't own it.

If someone wants to move off of your platform, they literally cannot.. correct pclinger ?