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Feb 10, 2005
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Advertising on forums

I recently wrote this up and thought I would submit it here as well. Basically, it's a practicle guide to advertising on forum sites. Here it is for your consideration.

I've decided to write this up for those looking to monetize their forums with adsense. There are a lot of great articles out there but I wanted to share my experiend with it on forums specifically. Keep in mind that even though this is geared towards vBulletin that the principals can be applied to any forum software. Much of this is subjective to your personal tastes, this is my experience and what has worked best for me. Your feedback and comments are welcome.

SEO Your Forums
It is best to first make sure your board is SEO'd, even if it's just basic mod_rewrites for redirects, turn those ugly looking URL's into informative, content rich page titles. A couple of free mods for VB can be found here to SEO your forums and for a great sitemap generator which will really help deliver your content to search engines.

There is also a paid product available for vBulletin called VBSEO which many people have reported a great experience with. It's very comprehensive and has loads of options and the creators appear to have an excellent knowledge of SEO. It's not cheap but in the long run it can pay itself off over and over again.

Deliver different ad schemes to your guests
Most forum guests out number registered users by a marginal amount. This is to your advantage and the base of your targeted audience. Many believe that targeting ads towards registered members fall flat because most registered and experienced forum surfers learn to ignore them.

With this in mind, removing ads for your forum members creates a more pleasant surfing experience which keeps them coming back to a cleaner looking forum. There are a couple of considerations to this though, one is that removing ads from members can reduce the eCPM and will result in fewer impressions though it will most likely cause an increase in the CTR. This can be a trade off depending on the sort of ad compaign you choose to run....

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