Administering Facebook Pages - Comments and Questions

Steve Freides

Sep 2, 2016
Howdy, everyone.

What follows is a fairly wide-ranging missive on administering Facebook pages for a world-wide organization with a FB page for each country in which it has a presence. NB: Our company licenses its content outside the US, so each country's organization is a separate entity, but nonetheless closely tied to the US "mother ship" and much of the look, feel, and content of these FB pages will come directly from the US.

For most of these pages, my personal Facebook account has been added as Admin, and this lets me administer these pages as needed, which fortunately is pretty rare. (I am never the sole admin.) Our purpose in having me as admin on these several dozen pages is to allow me to handle changes on local personnel without running the risk of a page being administered by an apathetic or hostile former employee.

1. I question the wisdom of _me_ being admin on all these FB pages. While my loyalty is unquestioned, wouldn't it be better for the company if there was a distinct FB account I would use in my work for the company? The owners of the company could create that account, give me the username and password, and then _that_ account could admin our Facebook pages around the world. Yes? No? Tradeoffs for either approach?

2. As we expand, new FB pages will be created, and we're looking at one of those right now now. My thoughts - agree, disagree, comment as you please:

- A new FB page should be the same type of page as the mother page, whatever that is. We have, because many pages already exists, different kinds of pages but we hope to standardize the new ones.

- A new FB should be created by this new FB profile or, if we don't go that route, by me, and not by the local affiliates, since FB seems to deal with multiple admins in a hierarchy based on join time, e.g., if someone else created the page and then added me as admin, I cannot delete them as admin, but I can delete an admin who was added after me. (The same behavior exists with groups and probably other places as well.)

- The rest can have as much or as little in common with the US page as deemed appropriate, e.g., mission statements can be translated or they can be country-specific, history/about can also be made as country-specific as we wish.

Your thoughts, comments, war stories, etc., will be appreciated and thank you very much.

NB: I have been administering a XF 1 forum for 4 years for our company, and recently took over the job of monitoring and responding to FB inquiries on our main page and keeping an eye on, and helping, our affiliates worldwide with their social media offerings.

Thanks again.



May 8, 2005
On the ONE FB page I admin, I have the option as to how I post. Me or as the page. Usually I post as the page.