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Jan 16, 2010
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Why Facebook and Social Networking May Make Forums Obsolete

Note I have not in any way said they will kill forums, or make it so no forums will ever exist. Because you see, that’s the biggest fallacy from forum owners online, that a new better technology will just make all forums basically die outright and cease to exist.

That’s the fallacy which is stopping people seeing the dying reality of forums, the assumption that if Facebook/Twitter/whatever was killing forums, all forums would be completely stone dead in the water. This has pretty much never happened to anything in living history as far as social trends and technology go, as human culture and progress isn’t completely a mirror of evolution/natural selection.

Remember, TV may have been more accepted in the mainstream than radio, and more people nowadays drive cars than ride horses, but neither completely killed off the old hobby/subject for the dedicated fans. Many people still listen to radio shows, and many hobbyists still get involved in various horse riding activities. They’re just not things the average Joe is used to every day of the week like their ‘replacements’.

So to wrap up the analogy, Facebook and Twitter won’t cause all forums everywhere to basically drop down dead by any means, and a lot of specialist forums will likely survive, in the same way specialist uses of dead mediums will probably still survive the end of said medium’s popular use. Since most people on admin forums run this kind of forum, they probably won’t notice a whole lot when it comes to site activity dropping drastically, but might well notice less new people being interested in or joining their sites. Of course, general forums on the other hand may as well be a lost cause after these social networking sites took over their main functions, but hey, it’s a overused, saturated topic that was already nigh impossible to do well in before Facebook and co made it big. One that even multi million dollar corporations haven’t really been able to break into in most cases.

Quality Website design vs Popularity

Yes, that old chestnut again. Indeed, the title alone is basically a webmaster cliche, which almost always ends up making the news every time it comes up. You know the old adage, the ‘Google/Plenty of Fish/Craig’s List/Yahoo’ have an awful layout, but that layout is all homely and makes all these new users think of some mom and pop store and cause them to...

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