A Store on Mainstreet


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Mar 22, 2004
MidnightPyro submitted a new Article:

A Store on Mainstreet

A Store on Main Street:

Simple, yet often overlooked tips on starting your community


You have your hosting, your board setup, but it’s looking sort of lonely. So what exactly is the next step? Well, for the sake of this article, imagine your forum as a store. Yes, that’s right, a small store. You can’t do much with a completely empty store (beside use it for skate boarding practice). This article will show you how to turn that empty, dark, forsaken store into a thriving mega-corporation – or at least get you started on your way to fame and fortune.

Stock the Shelves: Add content

Just as in a store, no one is going to come in if there’s nothing in. Add plenty of relevant content to your community. If there’s something in your store that people want to look at, they’ll be more tempted to come in and pay you a visit. A forum is the same way. Users will come and see your helpful content, and will want to register at your community and stop by again. They may even start contributing to your community if their impressed enough.

A fresh coat of paint: A good theme is a good thing

When people see your forum, the first thing they’re going to notice (usually) is your theme. Although the default styles that come with your bulletin board package probably isn’t too bad, you’ll be better off getting a new theme. But just like a store, it’s good if it’s unique, but it’s not good if it’s blinding. A computer forum that’s bright pink would not be a good choice. However, a neat-looking green theme for a lawn and garden would be a good thing.

New York City or Botswana: You need traffic

You’d rather have your store in a place where it gets a lot of traffic, much like a forum. You wouldn’t put a store in the middle of the...

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