Seeking A/some miracle worker(s)


Sep 25, 2015
Fill out the appropriate form and delete the unused one.

Form for REQUESTING staff
Name of site (and/or forum): JFK Q & A
Link to forum:
Genre: TBD as it unfolds
Forum Software: Could use some upgrading--please take a look
Total number of posts the forum has received: over 2500 total but some have been archived to make room for new content
Seeking (admin/moderator/other): five (5) members initially, with one to share admin duties with me, and another to serve as Moderator, with him/her distributing the remaining three members into appropriate Mod duties in respective forum subject matter.
Paid Position (yes/no): Negotiable
If Paid, How Much: Will be fairly determined by site traffic and involvement on the forum
Why are you requesting staff: I need some talented help.
Additional Information: I do this because JFK deserves Justice for the gross njustice he encountered on his last day of life in this realm.
How do you wish to be contacted: (TAZ PC/Site PC/Email)

Form for OFFERING your services
Position requested:
Past experiences: (forums you've admined/moderated/created/designed)
Genre: (what genre of forum are you looking to get involved with?)
Forum software you're familiar with: (XF, IPB, vB, phpBB, YaBB, etcetera)
How large, and busy, was the last forum you (helped) manage(d):
What is your moderation/administration style:
Area of expertise: (troublesome users, advertising, server administration, coding, etcetera)
Why are you offering your time to someone:
Additional Information:
How do you wish to be contacted:

Doctor 404

Developing is Cool
Apr 9, 2014
Is this some kind of Free Forum Generated Community? If so, i'd like to suggest moving somewhere that allows you to install a Forum Software such as MyBB or SMF in order to make easier the Merge in case your site gets popular. Most Free Generated Forums don't have any Backup Features and/or would be extremely expensive to import on a forum like the one i mentioned.

In another note, i hope you find what you need and good luck with your Project!