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I'm In My Prime
Jan 28, 2010
It's fun to learn little things about friends. Here's mine,

▪First job - Construction
▪Real job - Lean Spec
▪Dream job – Criminal Profiler
▪Favorite foot attire - Black Gold Toe Socks
▪Favorite candy - Clark Bar
▪Favorite ice cream - Home Made Vanilla
▪What are you currently doing - Thinking about whats for lunch
▪Favorite pizza - New York Style
▪Favorite food - Pad Thai
▪Favorite movie – Tombstone
▪Favorite TV show - Game of Thrones
▪Tattoos – 1
▪Piercings – 0
▪Like to cook – Only when im not hungry
▪Favorite color – White
▪Gold or silver - Gold
▪Do you like vegetables? - yes
▪Do you wear glasses? - no
▪Favorite season - Spring
▪Dream travel destination - Bora Bora

Someone do this with me