25'th Anniversary Conversation


Oct 26, 2010
A couple was celebrating their 25'th anniversary, and the husband said, "Twenty-five years of being faithful to each other, I am so happy.

" Wife: "Well, that isn't exactly accurate.

I confess that I have been unfaithful three times.

" Husband: "I am shocked to hear that, who were they?"

Wife: "Remember when you needed that operation and we didn't insurance and no money, and the doctor wouldn't operate?
Well, I convinced the doctor to operate anyway.
That was the first one.

" Husband: "Well, I wouldn't be here today without that operation, so I forgive you.
What else?"

Wife: "Remember when you wanted to start the business, and the banker wouldn't loan you the money because we had bad credit?
That was the second time

." Husband: "Well, without that loan, we would not be wealthy today, so I forgive that.
What was the other one?

" Wife: "Remember when you wanted to be president of the country club and you only needed twenty-three more votes?