1.0.10 and 1.1 RC 1 released


Bugs Developer
Feb 27, 2013
It's a while I don't pass by, so few updates are missing here. :(

* 1.0.10 security update, with quite a bit of security issues closed was released a few weeks ago,
* 1.1 release candidate 1, with bug fixes and almost the same security issues present in 1.0 was released basically the same day as 1.0.10.

The two download pages with the release announcements:

With this release, we also tried something slightly new (for us, not that is nothing new in general): we announced the upcoming release few days in advance, in order to try to reduce the time from the release of the security updates (i.e. disclosure of the security holes) and the actual patching of the forum by the owners.
It's a little step and it will need some improvement in the process (at least for me in the merging of the master branch back into development LOL), but the reaction seems good and it's definitely a better way to deal with security releases.