1. IntoxNitram

    Zetaboards is going

    They've announced that Zetaboards as a platform will be no more, merging existing forums into Tapatalk. See here: http://support.zathyus.com/topic/7021172/1/ Many people are angry about this, especially after being given a choice between merging from InvisionFree to Tapatalk or Zeta and being...
  2. iuchewie

    Time To Change Software... But Which To Choose?

    Apologies for what I can only imagine is yet another "which software is best" topic. Our community just celebrated our 10th anniversary and we've got upwards of 28,000 members with 4.3 or 4.4 millions posts. We do not allow members to create new topics (save for within a couple of forums) but...